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UX Designer & Researcher


Hello there!

I enjoy untangling complex problems, listening to and helping people deal with challenges, finding innovative products, and co-creating human-friendly solutions. Besides designing, I enjoy painting and hiking.

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Recent work

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  • Role: UX/UI Designer

  • Pain points: Users who need to print their favourite photos to print want to easily select them from any device. Integrating a native experience to a web-based flow required designing specific interactions.

  • Solution: Mobile native experience for integrating photo selection for desktop and mobile.

  • Process: I facilitated a number of sessions in which we defined the main goals, personas, main user journey and a wireflow. Based on that, I made mid-fidelity designs to test internally. Afterwards, I applied visual styling to hand over the project to an iOS developer. User testing was done by the client.



  • Role: UX Designer & Researcher

  • Pain points: Their custom Content Management Systemfor publishing nationwide medical guidelines was outdated. Besides the design, users complained about too many unnecessary steps to make changes. It needed an upgrade.

  • Solution: Re-design an application and accommodate for improved data architecture.

  • Process: I delved deep in the processes and terminology of general practitioners to distinguish their core processes and identify bottlenecks in their workflow. We ran 3 design sprints in which we iterated on different parts of the system. I created a backlog with user stories and contributed to create a roadmap to meet the tight phase out deadline.



Role: UX Researcher

Pain points: An innovation department wanted to test an idea for a new app. They wanted to improve communication between workers on the field and planners at the office.

Solution: After doing contextual research, we had enough information to develop and test a concrete concept in a very short time frame.

Process: I facilitated a 4-day Design Sprint and an iteration Sprint. I made user journeys, storyboards, low fidelity wireframes, a highly interactive prototype. I tested the prototype with user and got the chance to iterate on it and make an overview of user stories and a Lean canvas workshop to pitch the idea to the board.

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Image by Shifaaz shamoon

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